Hallo Johanna,ich habe eine deutsche Ergotherapeutin, die in Australien ist, gefragt und sie hat mir diese Info geschickt. Ich hoffe, das bringt dich weiter, vielleicht könnt ihr darüber auch etwas über Bedingungen für Physiotherapeuten in Erfahrung bringen.Wäre klasse, wenn ihr Rückmeldung geben würdet, ob es geklappt hat.Viele Grüße,HeikoText:Dear Heiko, I just talked with a colleague about the opportunity for German OT?s to practice in Australia . There might actually be another way for them to get into the system without having to complete the Bachelor degree; I am not sure though. Please forward this information and the following link to Johanna: http://www.cotrb.saboards.com.au/ That is the website of the Council of Occupational Therapists Registration Boards. They deal with overseas OT?s who would like to practice in Australia and give advice on what one has to do to get acknowledgement of their qualifications. Johanna could call them to get advice and whether it would be feasible. She should note that registration is not required in all of the Australian states!Hope this helps!Cheers,Melanie